I started the journey of becoming a published author several years ago, eight to be exact.  I must admit, for the first five years, it was only a thought, and few paragraphs here and there.  I would write a little bit and put it out of my mind, or so I thought.  However, God would not let me completely do away with the idea of being an author.  He kept it hovering just around the outskirts of the forefront of my mind.  God made sure that I kept the yearning to write by making sure I was never completely satisfied with anything else I did and placed fabulous people, who love and acknowledge him, on my path to guide me along the way.


Now, here I am, just a few weeks from my first novel, Glimmer in the Darkness, being published.  To say that I am elated would be an understatement!  I have worked hard to get to this point, which is only the beginning.  I must work harder in order to share my journey, build a readership and write more novels.  As a wife, mother of six, employee to someone other than myself, and pet owner, I face what some would consider impossible circumstances.  However, I am not daunted by my situation, because the God I serve has already brought me this far.  I know he will continue to propel me forward.  I write all of this as encouragement to you have faith in God and pursue your dreams.

Ask God to come into your life, tell him what you desire, align your heart with his will for you and watch what he does. Be mindful that God is not an ATM, or a genie that grants wishes.  Writing is a gift that he has given me, but I have to stay in prayer, asking him to mold and guide me.  Pray and ask God what gifts he has given you.  Then ask him to mold and guide you along the journey of using those gifts.

I speak a lot about God, because I want to share his greatness.  However,  Glimmer in the Darkness, is not Christian fiction.  God is definetly present, but the novel is contemporary fiction.  It addresses real life issues and how people who are getting to know God, sometimes chooses to handle different situations that arise in their lives.  I pray that you enjoy Glimmer in the Darkness and that it has a positive impact on your life.

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