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I grew up near Chicago, Illinois.  I am the oldest of five and have loved to read for as long as I can remember.  My family did not have a car, which made my time at the school library invaluable.  My interest in reading began in first grade.  Up until that point, I would open books and tell stories, but I can’t say with one hundred percent certainty that I actually knew how to read.  My mind was not yet in tune with my abilities.  In second grade I would sit mesmerized once a week, while the school librarian read a chapter from exciting books such as Judy Blume’s Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, or Gertrude Chandler Warner’s The Boxcar Children.  It was from those two books in particular that my love for reading blossomed.  From that point on, I read any and every book I could get my hands on.

In fifth grade my interest in writing developed.  I wrote a story for a school contest called Young Author’s.  I was over the moon proud of my work, even though today I cannot remember what I wrote about.  My teacher quickly crushed my dreams of being a writer when he did not pick my story to be entered in the contest.  I figured I could not write stories well and moved on with my life, never giving writing another thought.   I continued to devour books, often reading one in a day.  However, instead of writing, I daydreamed, often times creating characters and stories in my head that lived exciting lives.

As a young adult, I attended the University of Illinois Chicago and Loyola University respectively, after which I began working toward a new dream, being a social worker.  I wanted to help people figure out the problems that plagued their lives and get a handle on the emotional roller coasters they rode daily.  For several years that is what I did and for the most part quite successfully.  However that desire to write returned.  This time around, I did not have anyone to tell me that someone else’s story was better than mine.  I wanted to write a fiction children’s book that help parents and children address the difficulty having to move away from loved ones. I have not written it yet.  Instead, I started journaling from time to time as a way to release the comocosy of emotions that embodied my soul most days.  I wrote plays and skits for my church.  Some may laugh, but the compliments I received fueled my courage and motivation to press forward. People would come up to me and tell me how they could relate to the struggles my characters portrayed, how they felt encouraged.

Slowly, Glimmer in the Darkness began to make its journey from the inner depths of my mind and soul.  One night I began a written draft of it, actually writing out a scene, but put it aside.  That occurred in 2007.  Over the next five years, I wrote a scene, or thought of idea or character every now and again.  Then in 2013 I became a little more serious. Taking the plunge into the world of writing in 2014, I finally finished my first draft.


“As a child, I often daydreamed, creating characters and stories in my mind that lived exciting lives.”

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Erica Satterwhite


“Glimmer in the Darkness is an emotional, yet entertaining read.  Nicole Hampton does an outstanding job at touching upon issues that plague a great number of relationships in today’s society”

Yolanda Davis


“Nicole Hampton demonstrates extreme talent as an author.  Glimmer in the Darkness pulled me in and I couldn’t let go until I finished reading it!”